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Siliwen Baths

In 1856 a partnership of gentlemen entered into an agreement to build a bathing place on the banks of the Straits at Siliwen. The plans constituted separate male and female bathing areas, changing huts, cisterns for heating the water and adjoining the bath house a cottage for the Superintendent of the facility.


The Council purchased the Siliwen Baths in 1887 with the intention of improving the facility, eagre to tap into the tourist trade. Renovations were undertaken to the shoreline and huts but by design bathing remained limited to high tide. In summers and good weather the facility was over run with users causing frustration over the limited huts. A storm in 1899 then destroyed the huts.

The increasing importance of tourism, health and leisure led the council to further invest in the baths to plans by John Gill, the City Surveyor. The site incorporating new huts and a new concrete lined pool costing £2,343 and were opened on 25th June 1902. The pool was popular but an unprofitable venture, it featured the more liberal mixing of the sexes. Swimming at the baths remained popular but by 1937 the Council began to consider a new format of indoor pools and explored proposals which failed to materialised due to the required financial outlay.

In 1958 with declining popularity and a failed hygene certification due to water pollution levels the baths closed. The Council explored new options and accepted a tender by Pochins at £150,000 for a new facility on Garth Road, and in October 1966 it opened to the public.

Above - image by J J Dodd of the baths at Siliwen encorporating Menai View Terrace, Patrick's Bar (as it is now) and Bryn Y Mor (on high ground to the right).

Left (Top) - Similar view today (July 2007)

Left (bottom) - Map showing the location of Siliwen baths and that of the 'old baths' situated closer to the pier.

Including Richard Harrison's (Frondeg Terrace) 'old' baths

Below from the Charles Geoff Collection thanks to/Copyright: Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. / The National Library of Wales show the baths closed because of pollution and where mussels had started to propagate. (1959)
























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